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Premium SEO Campaign Pricing

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Premium SEO Result Examples

How it Works

Premium SEO campaigns are month-to-month subscriptions, based on the number of keywords in your campaign.

Here's what will happen once you subscribe to a new premium SEO campaign:

  • Keyword Research & Selection
    • We'll work with you to select the best keywords to target.
  • Keyword Focused Content Writing
    • Our US Based content team will research and write an article for each keyword in your campaign. 
  • SEO Plugin Installation & Content Publishing
    • We'll install our plugin on your site for you or,
    • Send instructions on how to do it yourself or,
    • Manually publish the content we create if your site cannot take our plugin
    • Or bypass this step completely if needed
  • Relevancy Based Content Sharing
    • Once keywords are finalized, we'll share it throughout our network with other real, relevant businesses.
    • We do this in month one vs. other agencies that can take months or years to build a link profile like the one we create.
  • Weekly Ranking Reporting & Analytics
    • We track each keyword in your campaign weekly on Google, Yahoo & Bing so you can see your rankings improve over time.
  • Ongoing Site Auditing & Troubleshooting
    • Run Free SEO Reviews any time here.
    • When you have a Premium campaign, we provide access to an integrated marketing dashboard with monthly site audits.
    • We also offer Webmaster Services to update and maintain your website's health, if you are without a Webmaster.

We've done this tens of thousands of times. It works. It's white-hat. 

It's not just within Google's guidelines, we give Google EXACTLY what they ask for.