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Local SEO Services

Red Zone SEO is a leading digital marketing business, and we specialize in offering local SEO Services. Our SEO campaign can get your website in the red zone on Google, Yahoo, and Bing. 

Local SEO services that we offer

The rules for Local SEO are very different from standard SEO. Often, direct contact and more foot traffic are the results of Local SEO than website visits. Here are some of the key local SEO strategies that we use to help businesses:

  • Website 'localization' - We localize your website by including your city, county, and region name and details throughout your website. For businesses with several locations, we create separate pages for each location. We also try to feature articles and information about the local community events on the website.
  • Citation building - We try to feature your website on citation sites and online business directories. This not only helps customers find your business but also improves your business' search rankings.
  • Managing reviews and ratings - We manage your online customer reviews and the overall quality of your reviews and improve your local search rankings.

Furthermore, we try to obtain backlinks from reputed and high-traffic websites, as this helps search engines value your business as a trusted source of information. We also claim your 'Google my business' page and ensure that your business displays on local search results and Google maps.

How can local SEO attract new customers?

Statistics prove that over 96% of PC owners conduct local searches, and almost 46% of the total Google searches are for local businesses. Studies also state that close to 64% of customers use search engines to find local businesses, and over 56% of mobile users look for business information like address and phone number online. This not only proves the importance of local search marketing but also shows how important it can be for businesses to invest in local SEO to position their business. Local SEO is a cost-effective method to promote their products and services to local customers.

Since there is no better way or time to connect with a prospective customer than when they are need of a product or service, which helps local search yields the highest conversion levels. With steady growth in mobile internet, local SEO ensures that you never miss out on a prospective sale and a potential customer. 

What is Local SEO?

Local SEO is one of the effective ways to market your business to local customers. When you invest in local SEO, your website appears at the top of the local SERPs. This helps improve your visibility in Google Maps & Local Search Results, and you can attain quality ratings and reviews on search engines. 

Furthermore, your business listing will appear above other listings, making you a more reliable and trustworthy brand in the eyes of your target audience. Contact Red Zone SEO at 844.736.7483, and we can furnish you with details on our Local SEO Services. We also offer a free consultation, where we review your website's current performance, goals, challenges, and provide recommendations accordingly.

Local SEO Services

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