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Red Zone SEO Services

Premium SEO Campaigns
(Starting at $1,000/Month)

Our SEO campaigns are all month-to-month subscriptions based on the number of keywords in your campaign.

We create an article for each keyword in your campaign and build extremely powerful, relevant links that drive top rankings.

We've done this tens of thousands of times. It works & it's white-hat.

It's not just within Google's guidelines, we give Google EXACTLY what they ask for.

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Webmaster Services
(Starting at $800/Month)

While our Premium SEO Campaigns are heavily based in content creation & sharing, there is a level of technical SEO that should be managed by a dedicated webmaster. For small business owners, hiring a webmaster in-house can be an impossible expense.
The Essential, Advanced, Pro & Guru Webmaster Services are designed for small business owners who want peace-of-mind regarding their website's more technical elements of search engine optimization, without having to hire a full time employee.

Discovery Call

Talking is free.

We're here to help you make more money online, as cliche as that sounds, it is what we do every day. 

It's because of that stigma in our industry that we offer free consultations to review your website's current performance, your goals and challenges, then we'll provide our recommendations.

We've had much success with this method as we're not making recommendations based on what we sell. We make recommendations based on your goals and what we know needs to happen to reach those goals.

During your SEO Discovery Call, we'll look at:

  • Your business.
    • We need to know what you do, what you want to do more of and whether or not you have a good business model.
    • Unfortunately, we get approached by many website owners with bad business models. If your business model is terrible, we cannot help you. Please understand our need to filter out these types of "leads".
  • Where your website ranks currently and for what keywords.
    • We use several tools to determine which keywords you're already on the radar for.
  • Which keywords you should be targeting based on your goals and budget.
    • If there's value in the keywords you're on the radar for, those may be great opportunities to focus on.
    • If not, we'll brainstorm various keywords to find the phrases your market is using.
  • What roadblocks are standing in your way of getting profitable rankings.
    • This could be a number of things, we'll uncover them all on the call.

After the Discovery call, we’ll outline what areas of your website need the most attention. We'll also recommend the best Webmaster in a Box Package and an SEO campaign to help your website get in the red zone on Google, Yahoo & Bing.

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